Research Interests

Compared to other animals, humans are unique in their linguistic, cognitive, and social abilities. Broadly speaking, our lab explores how these abilities develop and interact in children, as a way of addressing the question of what makes humans special. How do we use language creatively to say things we have never heard before? What can language tell us about how the mind works, and does learning a language influence how we think? How does language depend on the social context in which it is used? These are the types of questions that inspire us. Below are some examples of studies that are currently being conducted in our lab and you can find even more information in our Spring 2017 Newsletter!

Spatial Metaphor Extension

The Development of Analogical Reasoning

Math Concept and Anxiety

Disagreeing about Relative Meanings

Using Words as Nouns and Verbs

Understanding and Gesturing about Time

Determining New Word Meanings

The Development of Social Norms

Word Flexibility and the Structure of Object Categories