The Language and Cognitive Development Lab is a member of the Institute of Human Development, and the UC Berkeley Psychology Department. Our research focuses on how children learn different aspects of language, what this might tell us about the nature of cognitive and social development, and how these different aspects of development interact. To learn more about what our lab studies, please visit our Research page.

  • In May 2018, the LCD Lab will be moving. Our new building is located at 2121 Berkeley Way -- only one block from our current location!

  • Watch Prof. Srinivasan's talk at the World Economic Forum Language as a Signature of the Flexible Human Mind

  • Read about our study exploring how words have developed new metaphorical meanings over the history of English here and here.

  • Read about one of our studies in a recent Forbes article explaining the potential benefits of mental abacus.

  • Read our Fall 2017 Newsletter for a brief overview of studies in our lab!

  • View an article covering a recent study that provides insight into how attitudes toward societal structures might influence social mobility.

  • Prof. Srinivasan was just named a Rising Star by the Association for Psychological Science. See the list of 2016 APS Rising Stars here.