The Language and Cognitive Development Lab is a member of the Institute of Human Development, and the UC Berkeley Psychology Department. Our research focuses on how children learn different aspects of language, what this might tell us about the nature of cognitive and social development, and how these different aspects of development interact. To learn more about what our lab studies, please visit our Research page. Due to the pandemic, we are currently conducting our research in a hybrid manner through online Zoom studies, at local schools and museums, and in-lab in the Berkeley Way West Psychology building.

  • Check out the 2024 UC Berkeley Developmental Labs Newsletter to learn more about some of our recent findings!

  • Check out the bathtubtales.com blog for reflections on the COVID-19 and child-directed speech study led by former graduate student Monica Ellwood-Lowe!

  • Congratulations to former graduate student in the lab, Ruthe Foushee, who will be starting summer 2023 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the New School for Social Research!

  • Expect the Unexpected: Studying Language Acquisition in Small-Scale Societies. Read an interview from Dr. Ruthe Foushee, a former graduate student and collaborator in the lab, in ICIS Baby Blog to learn more!

  • We should stop blaming parents for the 'word gap'. Read an article in Parents Magazine covering our latest study to learn why.

  • Want to learn even more about our scarcity study? Tune in to Arnie Arnesen's podcast, The Attitude, at minute 31:05 to hear Professor Srinivasan discuss findings from our study!

  • Read more about our work exploring the effects of scarcity on children's language development on Berkeley News , The Daily Cal, and Theravive!